2017 Dallas Tentative Itinerary

April 19 - May 3, 2017

(Subject to change)

DAY 1 --April 19 depart for New York early morning

5:00 p.m. departure from JFK on EL AL Charter for the 9-hour overnight flight to Warsaw.


DAY 2 – Gora Kalawaria, Lodz and Krakow

DAY 3 – Tarnow/Dabrowa Tarnowska (shacharit there), Krakow Olde Towne (Kazmierz), Visit Rema shul and cemetery, Schindlers Factory Museum Krakow for Shabbat  

DAY 4 – Shabbat in Krakow, Tour synagogues and museums in Kazmierz, Havdalah at Plaszow

 DAY 5 – Depart to Osweicim, Tour Auschwitz and Birkenau, Erev Yom Hashoah program with Montreal

DAY 6 – Yom Hashoah & the MARCH OF THE LIVING, Depart to Rzeszow

 DAY 7 – Belzec, Tour Majdanek, Lublin Yeshiva, Stay in Lublin

DAY 8 – Drive to Treblinka, Drive to Warsaw, Warsaw Ghetto

Overnight – Fly to Israel.  Arrive 4:00 am


DAY 9 – Welcome Home to Israel; Drive to Safed, Breakfast at café, hike at Majrasa nature reserve, Drive to Akko

DAY 10 –Akko, Ramchal shul, program with other students sponosored by Jewish Federation of Dallas Patnership program, Jerusalem, Machaneh Yehuda (time permitting), Erev Shabbat at the Kotel

DAY 11 – Shabbat in Jerusalem, tour of the Old City, Havdallah by the Kotel.

DAY 12 –Beit Guvrin Archaeology and Hiking.  Erev Yom HaZikaron.

DAY 13 – YOM HAZIKARON – Kotel for shacharit, City of David, 11:00 siren, Lunch in old city, Tunnel Tours, Erev Yom Ha’atzmaut.

DAY 14 – Yom Ha'atzmaut & March of the Living in Jerusalem, MOL Mega Event at Latrun


Depart for USA late Tuesday night and Arrive early morning Wednesday, May 3